Executive Legislative Agenda

Executive Legislative Agenda



Maximize the effective and efficient utilization of government resources through innovative planning, progressive programming, and prudent spending

Bring government services closer to the people by conducting mobile services and tapping alternative areas for revenue collections

Position Urdaneta City as a convention site and as an education center to open new opportunities for investments


Maintain strong partnerships and linkages with the private sector and the civil society to promote wider participation in policy formulation and program implementation

Boost productivity in all communities and in all areas of governance by supporting infrastructural development and human resources improvement

Prioritize revenue-generation reforms and fiscal management innovations to increase collection efficiency, promote transparency and jumpstart the economy




United action and common vision for a better Urdaneta

Revitalized communities as engines of progress

Developed infrastructures to attract investments and spur growth

Aggressive campaign to promote Urdaneta as a convention site and an education center 

Need for efficient and effective government operations and services

Education for all and at all levels

Traffic management and transport system improvement

Agriculture development and modernization


Championing sustainable development and environmental protection

Innovative programs in health care

Topmost priority for peace and order

Youth empowerment to ensure Urdaneta’s future