The City Government of Urdaneta imparts to its citizens the look of the new recreation area, and people's park after the construction is completed.


As various studies suggest the importance of parks and recreational areas in shaping people's quality of life, more cities such as Manila have been investing in the restoration and beautification of green and open spaces.
The project transpired as the local government of Urdaneta has seen the significance of building parks and recreational areas in supporting its citizen's social life and community development. 


 The City Engineering Office Chief Rodolfo Nidoy shared the 3D look of one of the most significant projects of the current administration that aims to make our City more attractive to live and work. 
The most prominent design incorporated in the plan is its dancing fountain situated in the middle of the park. It is a fountain bigger than Vigan City's dancing fountain. And on its center, the notable Rizal monument will be erected to commemorate Dr. Jose Rizal, our country's national hero. 


Gazebos and designated sitting areas are also available for the comfort and enjoyment of those who wish to spend their time in the park during the day. 
With Urdaneta City mayor's vision of creating more green spaces in the center of town, lined up fire trees will be placed. The flowering trees would accentuate the park's landscape and create an aesthetically peaceful environment in the City.  
Engr. Nidoy said that after the construction of the recreation area and People's Park is complete, the city government anticipates medium-term economic effects per se.

By: April Fajardo