With the local government's plan of rehabilitating the Old City Hall, this huge undertaking aims to centralize all the offices of the LGU in the center of the City.

The project also includes expanding the City Health Office for a more accessible and available health care system to the people. The coronavirus pandemic has taught every country the importance of building a robust health system that tackles emergencies, crises, and outbreaks.


This development also aims to transform the New City Hall Building in Barangay Anonas to a one-stop-shop for all national government agency-related transactions and a full service of all local government services in the Old City Hall Building in Barangay Poblacion – bringing convenience to the citizen and its employees.

A canteen will be placed designated for the employees to encourage healthy social development and accessibility of the visitors and clients running their transactions.

The rehabilitation plan also includes expanding vehicular parking areas to accommodate a sufficient number of private vehicles, especially employees' cars, to ease traffic congestion around the City.


 With the development of the government building, internal department and agency processes would be streamlined, saving time for lengthy procedures and negotiations.

Engineering Office Chief Rodolfo Nidoy expressed his excitement over upcoming projects of the current administration, saying it indicates efficient and orderly facilitation of services that would benefit both the citizens and the City's economic growth. 

Overall, the project aims to improve the City's superstructure to develop and beautify Urdaneta – enticing people to enjoy their living and attract investments from different agencies and business entities along the way.

By: April Fajardo